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After a busy day, you can take on the strength of the newly built hotel wellness area on site. In our WELLNESS you can visit STEAM SAUNA, FINISH SAUNE AND THERAPY. Opening hours of the sauna from 16:00 - 20:00

Steam sauna (humidity 100%, temperature 35-45 ° C)

The steam sauna differs from the Finnish sauna, especially at lower temperatures and higher air humidity. Instead of traditional sauna stoves, the steam generator is used as a heat source. It is a damp, warm bath that is beneficial in many ways for the human organism.

Finnish sauna (temperature 80-110 °C)

The Finnish sauna is the most famous type of sauna with distinctive curative effects on the human body and the psyche. Intense sweating removes poisonous substances from the body. Strong warming strengthens both blood circulation and body thermoregulation and removes problems such as cold feet syndrome.

TEPIDARIUM (bench temperature 35-45 °C)

The tepidarium is heated by radiant dry heat. There are heated deck chairs in the room. Delicate lighting also contributes to relaxation. There is a pleasant and mild sauna.

Health benefits:

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